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BreathYoga - 呼吸ヨガの
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are what you need to open the power and freedom in your breath

Each BreathYoga practice weaves together four body actions with four breath practices to change your health, breathing and energy

Energize & Balance the Core Line

The Core Line is of special importance in breathing. It is a yogic line of vertical energy which reflects and affects your mood and feeling. It connects muscle and fascia that run from the feet, up the inner legs to the pelvic floor and from there through the diaphragm and up to the tongue and roof of the mouth. In BreathYoga, we use standing poses, core work, inversions and visualization to open this line


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Release the Neck and Shoulders

When people breathe poorly, it builds tension in the neck and shoulders. BreathYoga emphasizes releasing stored up tension in the neck, shoulders, and upper back while strengthening the middle back. This encourages relaxed, open and pain-free use of the shoulders

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Conscious Connected Breathwork

A modern pranayama connecting the inhale to the exhale and the exhale to the inhale in a continuous cycle. With a sustained practice, CCB can lead to profoundly healing states of body-mind and emotions.

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Pear-Cone-Wave Breathing

Expands lung power and builds inhalation power by helping you to visualize how and where in your body to breathe.

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Tone & Align the Lateral Line

The Lateral Line balances muscles which influence your every breath. It is important for the ‘guard rails’ of  good spinal alignment and knee health. Connects from the outside of the foot, the outside of your thighs, hips, the QL, the small muscles of the ribs and into the side of the neck. We use side angle and other unique exercises to tone and energize this line.

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Open the Ribcage and Chest

BreathYoga stretches the front of the body to expand the chest and ribcage. We also focuses on strengthening the core and neck muscles, which are weak in many people. This can help to lift the chest and make for a fuller, more expansive inhalation.

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Conscious Breath

Training the body to feel comfortable with increased levels of carbon dioxide has profound health and performance benefits and allows easy access into meditation

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Ocean Breathing

is a technique of restricting the flow of breath by tightening muscles in the windpipe. Ocean Breathing builds the strength of the inspiratory muscles and soothes the nervous system.

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